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VisualChart strategy debugging
Hello, how can I debug custom strategy in VS (2015) C#? Thank you, Pavel
Author: peha Published: 13/02/2017 21:07:00 Number of answers 3
23/02/2017 9:42:00 carmen said:
Dear customer, to debug strategies in VS, please select the strategy under its menu and click on Modify strategy - Use programming environment. Now Visual Studio will be opened and you can debug directly on the programme under the menu Debug. Best regards.
12/03/2017 0:46:00 peha said:
Dear Carmen, I know about the Modify strategy command of course and I'm even _very_ proficient with Visual Studio (10+ years). I only cannot manage to start debugging my strategy. Please forward to some technical guy or provide _exact_ info about whether to attach to some process or simply how to get my breakpoints to break. I tried to attach to VisualChart.Development.IDEService.exe process which seems to load the strategies but I'm not able to "refresh" the loaded strategy to envoke the breakpoints. Maybe I'm only missing some obvious thing but I lost quite a lot of time already achieving this. Please if possible contact me via an email? Thank you very much, Pavel.
05/04/2017 8:57:00 carmen said:
Dear Pavel, I have sent you an email with the answer. Best regards.