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VChart V, problems in windows 7
Hi, I tried to post this message in the forum but I do not see it there, I do not know if forum is not for free users. I recently installed VChart V in my new windows 7 laptop and having some problems, when adding a chart from symbols panel most of the times the program create a new window but no chart is loaded in it. I noticed that Spanish charts load most of the times without problems (I am in Spain) but charts from abroad most of the times failed. I wonder if it is related to any time out problem with servers. thanks in advance!
Author: manu Published: 14/04/2011 10:11:00 Number of answers 1
14/04/2011 18:07:00 joseba said:
Dear Sir, If this was a problem of the server it would not download any data, neither Spanish nor charts from abroad. I assume the problem must be somewhere elseelse. If you want to get some help on it please phone our customer support hotline to 807050034 Regards. Mikel