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Quote List & Scanner
Hi, i got 2 problems i just cant solve. 1) i want to work with quite lists, but those lists just stay empty - even the default ones. i can open the quite list and it shows the Code, as well as the name (after i did query set), but no key-figures. i dont care about intraday, i just need EOD. 2) i found on your german version of the homepage with the video tutorial for VC 3.5, slightly older, i also have been able to generate a scanner, but how can i apply this scanner to a quote list? thanks, br Christian
Author: Christian Published: 06/08/2010 14:04:00 Number of answers 1
09/08/2010 9:40:00 joseba said:
Hello, You cannot see any data on the quote list because you must be a realtime customers to do so. As an end of day customers you can not use quote lists and neither scanners. Mikel