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Is there a PDF/CHM File of the Help available?
Hi, tbh, the homepage isnt really user friendly. you cant go to the next page (you need to scroll up), the index is just on top and not as overview to the left, no search is available. anything would help which makes it a little bit more user friendly. best regards christian
Author: Christian Published: 02/08/2010 13:37:00 Number of answers 1
03/08/2010 10:25:00 joseba said:
Dear sir, I am afraid we can not help at the moment with the help file. If you want, you can download the fast guide in PDF. http://www.visualchart.com/MarketMonitor/EP/VC5/Images/Descargas/Guia_rapida_vch5_EN.pdf?PAGE=VC5_VZONE_AYUDA_MATERIAL&APP=VC5&LANGUAGE=EN Do not hesitate to contact us should you required further information. Mikel